Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification

Hypnotherapy Demonstrations

Have you ever heard the phrase, "A picture paints a thousand words?" Well, it certainly holds true for hypnotherapy training. In this course, I'll be taking you deeper into mastering your craft, by providing live demonstrations that can be used for remote or in-person sessions. You'll be removing doubt and uncertainty as you progress as a healer, as I provide visual details and nuances. I've also included demonstrations on some of the more involved techniques, to help ease your transitions and perfect your implementation style.

What You Will Learn

In this course, you will be presented with a variety of demonstrations to gain strategies and professional insights, to perfect your craft as a hypnotherapist. Demonstrations will show you:

  • What to Do Before a Session Begins (30-second Pitch, Free Phone Consultation, Preparation, Tuning In).
  • How to Welcome Your Client (Paperwork, Verification Sheet, Interview, Transition into Session).
  • How to Implement Inductions.
  • How to Administer Six Hypnotherapy Techniques.
  • How to Handle In-session Challenges.
  • How to End a Session.
  • Additional Tips on Working Remotely.

Upon completion, you will also receive a PERSONALIZED CERTIFICATE.

Also includes FREE Bonuses!

  • Invitations to LIVE monthly JDH Academy webinars

This course is for

Intermediate level healers who have some practice in leading Hypnotherapy sessions and using Hypnotherapy techniques, ideally through the first four parts of the Master series, Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course, Parts 1-4.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
Carmen says...

I'd give it 50 stars if I could. Down to earth, very clear, very precise, easy to follow, easy to retain... Joseph Drumheller, you rock!

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
Rangta says...

It is a kind of journey where learning became an experience. I was rebuilding myself through the course. I think whoever is interested in this subject, must give it a go. Thanks for making the course.

Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification
Anna says...

Just an amazing and awesome course. Joseph is a brilliant teacher. He is calm and has such knowledge about spirituality, and of course hypnotherapy. He teaches it all in such a loving and easy way. 5 stars from me.

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Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course, Part 5


The list price for this course is normally $99. This discount is only offered by enrolling through JDH Academy.

This course is the third part of a six-part Master Clinical Hypnotherapy Certification Series. and builds on the techniques and fundamentals learned in my previous course, Clinical Hypnotherapy Master Certification Course, Parts 1-4.

Also includes FREE Bonuses!

  • Invitations to LIVE monthly JDH Academy webinars